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Google Shopping, How Does it Work?

Eye-Grabbing Google Advertising for E-Commerce Stores!

Google shopping is a feature Google offers that allows businesses to run campaigns for their products that show up on searches. When users search for a product, results from E-Commerce stores will show up on the top of the page. This places offers in the direct eyes of the consumer, as soon as they make the search.

Attract Customers Looking for Your Products

You’ve probably already seen this when searching for an item online, but are you using it for your own products? The nature of Google Shopping makes it a highly effective way of marketing your store. Taking advantage of the service will put your items in front of the audience that matters most - those with the intent to buy your products! 

How to Start Using Google Shopping

All businesses with an E-Commerce store are able to utilise Google Shopping. Through integration with your Google Adwords and Google Merchant Center accounts, you can advertise your products on this service. Google Merchant Center is used to upload your product information, Adwords is then used to manage how your ads are used and where they are targeting.

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Google shopping is a great service for E-Commerce because it allows you to pay to be seen first in search engine results. What distinguishes it from Google Ads is the ability to include images and prices, making your ads stand-out even more to consumers. Customers seeing a picture of a product will be more likely to be drawn in than a simple text ad - particularly when it’s at the very top of the search page. 

Optimise Your Campaign for The Best Results

Of course, as with all online marketing efforts, there is always competition. For the best results from your Google Shopping campaign there are several ways to optimise your ads. Ensure your campaigns meet Google’s specifications for ads and do your research into the best performing practises for images and copy. You want to guarantee that your investment into this feature isn’t blindsided by technical errors.

Begin Selling Your Products With Google Shopping! 

Would you like to be able to sell your products on Google? Our experts can create optimised Google Shopping campaigns that get you results. We can help you get the conversions and exposure you’ve been hoping for. Get in touch with us today to talk about our services.

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