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How Online Stores Keep Us Coming Back For More

It’s pretty hard to find people that don’t shop online in 2017. ECommerce is a huge industry and with the amount of people looking for exceptional online shopping experiences; new opportunities for businesses are constantly developing.

Competition For Customers is Intense

With the increase in the numbers of online shoppers comes the numbers of stores competing. Most retailers are now offering their products on the web, so it has become increasingly important for websites to stand-out.

Providing Unique Experiences Makes the Difference

Standing out in eCommerce comes through supplying customers with unique experiences or products. It's what encourages people to visit your website, rather than go elsewhere.

If you have an online store, you want to make sure you're offering this to your visitors!

But how do you know what features customers want?

Knowing what customers look for and expect in online stores isn't always obvious. It comes through listening to what consumers are saying; reading social media reviews, keeping up with the latest trends and competitor research on the platforms that are spearheading your industry!

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A few of the biggest shopping addicts from TWC have volunteered their expert-consumer opinions on what makes the point of different in their stores of choosing. Here's what they have to say!


                 Sally                                      Adeline                                  Edwin                                       Anna

Which store do you frequently buy from?

Adeline: I like buying things from Briscoes.

Edwin: The most frequent shop by a small margin is Mighty Ape. Followed by eBay, Amazon

Anna: Colorpop, Sephora and Dotti.

Sally: Nordstrom, Shopbop, ASOS, Ruby NZ, PB tech, Typo & Kikki k. 

What do you buy?

Adeline: I buy almost everything for my home on this website.

Edwin: Music CDs & PC Games, Game Guides, PC Gaming Chair etc...

Anna: Make-up and clothes.

Sally: Clothes, accessories, electronic supplies, stationery.

Why do you choose this store?

Adeline: Because they have a wide range of products and brands, they have new products on sale kind of every month and the shipping cost is affordable.

Edwin:  For the amount of tech stuff at competitive prices, followed by the fact that they have a physical location where I can pick up, return or dispute if needed. 

Anna: Colorpop doesn't have a store in NZ, same with Sephora. Dotti has better online deals than in store.

Sally: For the online discount, the wide selection and for urgent use (electronic supplies) - I don't have time to go to the store and I can compare stuff online with online support.

What's your favourite thing about shopping on this website?

Adeline: My favourite thing is their style. They have nice product photos which makes the website and newsletters look good and create the desire of possessing those nice products.

Edwin: Same reason as above.

Anna: Better promotions, I don’t have to get out of my pyjamas, I can add things to my cart and look at them and change my mind, I also have more info about what I’m buying.

Sally: Their wide selection and reasonable prices (sometimes their prices are the cheapest among all others). Most of them will cover shipping fee and it's time saving.

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What's your favourite store to shop and browse on online? Let us know in the comments below!


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