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How to optimize your Ecommerce for Holiday 

Another Holiday season is upon us,  so now is a good time to understand how to holidays affect ecommerce and how to optimize your online store for holiday deals.

According to a online benchmark report from RJ metrics

  • November and December drive 30% more ecommerce revenue than non-holiday months.
  • The days from black Friday through Christmas pull in 50-100% more revenue compared to shipping days throughout the rest of the year.
  • Ecommerce shopping patterns vary dramatically by industry. Only two of the segments for which we have data apparel/accessories and computer/electronics, are highly holiday sensitive.


Top 5 most profitable international holidays for Ecommerce 

Valentine’s day

 According to the ABC news there's an average spend of $136.57 per person on Valentine’s Day, and it's spent on all products from animals to jewellery. Valentine’s day is a huge opportunity to optimize profit, because it is a huge spending occasion. It is important to note that the date may differ in different countries: Brazil - June 12th, China - February 14th & July 7th.

Ensure you take advantage of ALL Valentine's Days.

Black Friday


When people say 'Black Friday', we hear 'Sales'. Almost every thing is on sale for this one day. According an online report from the balance, on Black Friday in 2017 there was a $967.13 spend per customer, which ended up in a $682 Billion spend in total.

Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year in China is just like Christmas in western countries: All the family members get together to celebrate this occassion with gifts and great food. According to a stats report from com, there are an estimated 350 million online shoppers in China, generating a 2.6 trillion RMB per year.

The Chinese New Year for 2018 is the 16th of February. Happy New year!

Mother's Day and Father’s Day


Mother’s day and Father’s day are key dates for a lot of New Zealand customers. It's important to note that the average customer spends twice as much on their mother than their father, therefore it's better to focus on the promotion of Mother's Day over Father's Day. If your stock is gender neutral you get to pretend for each occasion that your stock is now the perfect gift for Mum OR Dad, but in this instance Mum is definitely the word.



Christmas is said to be the most important holiday for the average New Zealander. Come Christmas time, most Kiwis that have flown the nest will return home to spend time with their families and purchase gifts for those they love. According to The NZ Herald New Zealanders spend an estimated 5 billion NZD every year over the Christmas period.

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Here it comes!! Tip to boost your ecommerce sales during the holiday!!

Optimize the Ecommerce for mobile


Nowadays just as many people are browsing the web on their mobile devices as they are on their computers. According to IBM, an estimated 26% of all online sales were made from mobile devices during last thanksgiving. Therefore, all should make sure their online-store displays are mobile friendly in order to optimise their Ecommerce sales.


Use other platforms to promote your online store


There are many platforms that allow a third-party to sell and display their products. These marketplaces are highly beneficial to your ecommerce store because they are really cheap to use, and more importantly they create lots of traffic and brand recognition for your online store.

The most popular ecommerce stores in New Zealand include:


Use social media to promote your Holiday Sales

Use-Social Media-to- promote-your-Ecommerce-during-holiday

Social media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your ecommerce: According to a study that from the UK, the average person has five social media accounts and they spend around 1 hour and 50 minutes online everyday. During the holiday season people spend more time online than they normally would, making social media during the holidays the perfect place to promote your store.


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