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How to protect yourself from a ransomware attack

Learn more about this malicious cyber attack that is gripping the world!

What is a ransomware?

It is a software that takes a computer all its files hostage. It is malicious in nature and asks for a ransom after encrypting all the files in your computer. In this case the ransomware demands at least $300 USD in bitcoins and this figure is for each of the computers that are attacked. The twist here is that this malicious virus will lock down your system, encrypt all your data, will prevent you from accessing your own files until you agree to pay the amount.

Who is being targeted?

You could be targeted if you are still using outdated software and specifically using the Windows Platform. If you have the latest Windows Operating system on your system and if you have had all the security updates active on it, you should be safe.

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How can I protect my system?

There are many security measures that can be implemented like keeping your system up to date whether iit is Windows or any security patches. Hackers prey on the loopholes present in a system and hence we need to be smart enough to not leave any stone unturned when it comes to protection and security of system, data or processes. Additionally we can do the following:

  • Urge your IT admin person to check the security status of the organisation and if it’s protected against the various malicious attacks.
  • A password manager can do wonders, this will help you manage and track your passwords that are hard to remember and is more secure than using the same password for various devices.
  • Keep an eye on the emails that look unexpected and spammy, if you are unsure of the email sender or subject treat it as a spam and do not open it.
  • Files need to be backed up and stored in an isolated environment which could be an external hard disk or even cloud storage.

How The Web Company’s services were not affected

At The Web Company we make sure that we take every aspect of our service in a secure manner. Our systems run on Linux as well as our data centre which is Linux based. Linux OS is the most robust when it comes to operating systems and beats Windows by miles. We at The Web Company keep all our systems up to date and all the security patches are implemented as soon as they are available in the market which always keeps us a step ahead.
All our clients that host their websites with us should feel confident that their websites and the data stored on them are both protected.

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