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how to Improve Website Rankings in 7 Steps



gnite Visibility have shared a video outlining key strategies for keeping your search engine optimisation rankings in the green.

We’ve gone through and made a quick summary of each point to help you boost your SEO results.

1). Google Analytics Intelligence Events

The Intelligence feature monitors website traffic to see whether your rankings go above or below certain levels. You can opt-in for alerts of these changes, providing you with a great way to track your website traffic and rankings on a live basis.

2). Consistent Internal Linking

This point basically means that if you have a main page on a particular topic, you should link all related sub-pages to this page, too. This tells Google to rank your page higher because these keywords are linked.

3). Build Your Brand Around Money Terms

They say money talks, and this definitely rings true for SEO. These money-related keywords will be picked up on by Google and can improve your website’s rankings.

4). Keep Improving

Proactivity is key here. Keep your site fresh by updating content on pages with low click-through rates,  adding items to your site on a constant basis, and staying on top of new trends and keywords.

5). Social Shares and User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC features like reviews, comments and shares can boost SEO results. The best part about this, is that your website visitors are doing the work for you, while you sit back and watch your rankings soar. Essentially, this means less content updates, less writing, but more Google visibility.

6). Backlinking

If your site is featured on an external website (perhaps through social media shares, or on a directory) it’s important to drive traffic back to a page that you want to rank highly. Similar to point 2, links and website traffic can significantly improve your rankings.

7.) Rank Tracking Tools

The best way to analyse your rankings with these tools is to organise them by themes (e.g. ‘local’ pages, ‘services’ pages and ‘info’ pages). This allows you to break down keywords according to each page and assess what’s working and what isn’t so you can target your site’s Achilles heel.

If you’d like help sending your SEO rankings skyward, get in touch with our experts at TWC.


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