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SSL Certificates and Security Essentials for E-Commerce Websites

One of the Most Important Components of an Online Store is Security

Any website that deals with sensitive information such as credit card data or personal details are at risk of being targeted by hackers. If an online store lacks the essential protection, they’re exposing their customers and themselves to malicious intent.

Website security is also crucial to E-Commerce retailers because it offers customers reassurance that your store can be relied on to keep their information safe. It’s necessary for all businesses to have their customers’ trust - but even more so for online stores. There is just too much at stake for online shoppers to risk using dodgy platforms.

So, How Do You Assure Confidence in Your Online Store?

Data encryption is the best way to secure your customer’s information while they make purchases on your website. This process protects passwords, credit card information, names, addresses and any other material users may be submitting online.

This is achieved through the use of an SSL Certificate and HTTPS. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypts any communication over servers protecting information from thieves. This encryption will stop any interception of information, preventing crucial data from being stolen. Visitors to your website are notified whether your website is secure in the navigation bar.

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HTTPS ensures all information is totally protected from anyone but the intended recipients, it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. A green padlock, along with the words “Secure” lets people know your website is protected by the latest encryption. HTTPS also provides authentication, confirming to visitors that the webpage they are on is genuine.

HTTPS works with SSL to protect your customer's information. These systems are also favoured by Google, with the Search Engine stating that websites with these tools will receive better rankings!

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The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

  • A secure website
  • Visitors will be notified that your website is safe to use
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

Even if your website doesn’t deal with credit card payments, you should still provide a secure platform for your visitors. All types of data are desirable for hackers, any type of submission could be putting users at risk - this includes entering your own passwords to log in to your CMS.

How Do You Get an SSL Certificate?

  • Verify that your website is genuine with a unique IP address
  • Buy a certificate
  • Activate your certificate
  • Install the certificate on your website
  • Update your website for HTTPS using redirects

The best approach to installing an SSL Certificate on your website is to work with a professional who can guide you through validation and implementation. This way you can be sure you're providing the strongest protection for your customers using your E-Commerce store.

We Provide Expert SSL Certificate Services

We’re able to expertly provide and install SSL certificates on all platforms. With our help, you can be sure your website will be trusted by users, protect their information and bring your platform up to 2017’s standards.

It’s never been more important to have a website that’s up to date with the latest security measures. Protecting your customers should be a priority for all E-Commerce stores. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.


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