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SEO Basics for E-Commerce Stores

Your store showing up in a Google Search allows potential customers to find your products with ease, bringing you more business, more engagement and more money. Search engines offer an invaluable source of organic traffic looking for stores like yours, SEO can help you tap into this.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Google analyses websites based on a variety of factors to determine whether they will rank for a certain search term. SEO is the process of attempting to optimise your website to meet the Search Engine’s expectations. It’s a continuous job, but the payoff can be massive for businesses.

SEO requires patience, understanding and diligence to ensure your website is meeting Google’s standards. It is the best way to generate valuable organic traffic.

It’s not always easy to generate good results for the items you are selling. Often there are big competitors standing between you and the top spots, more popular websites with larger followings and more authority online. However, it is possible to do well in SEO no matter the size of your store! Keep reading to learn some SEO basics to help you get better search engine rankings.

SEO Encourages High-Quality Traffic

There are a variety of ways to market your products online, but none are as effective in price or time than appearing high on a search engine result page. Your business showing up in the first few places for Google searches puts you right in front of your ideal customers. And, if you’ve done your keyword research right, in front of them when they’re at their peak time to buy.

Keyword Research

When you first begin SEO on your website, the initial step you need to take is to determine the keywords your potential customers are searching for. These keywords should be specific, they should be relevant to your website and your products and ideally they should show an intention to make a purchase.

Find out more about keyword research tools here.

Your Website Structure

An important thing to note is that Google just wants to make sure it’s showing the best websites for a user’s search term. They want visitors to a website to be pleased at what they’ve found and satisfied with their search.

Keep this in mind when you consider your website. How do users interact with your content? Are things easy to find? Does your store follow a simple map? Or is it over-complicated and messy? Your visitors won’t enjoy a site that’s hard to navigate and neither will Google.

Relevant Content

Putting special effort into the content on your pages will do wonders for your search engine rankings. Your content needs to satisfy the search term the user is putting into Google. This includes having detailed product descriptions, effective imagery, natural keyword placement and targeted headings.

Onsite Optimisation

Make sure your titles and descriptions include your keywords, ensure images have relevant alt text and choose URLs that are readable and appropriate for each specific page. It’s also best practise to include your business name in your titles, and to keep these within the character limit (50-60 characters for titles and under 160 for descriptions).

You can learn more about onsite optimisation here.

Search Engine Optimisation Isn't Easy

There are over 200 factors that make a difference in SEO. Optimising your site for Google takes a lot of effort and technical skill. Components like backlinks and website speed all play an important part in how Google determines search results. However, all these elements are designed to offer searchers the best possible websites from their search. 

These SEO basics will help you get started towards receiving better rankings, if you’d like more information on SEO you’re welcome to download our Free SEO Checklist!

Download the FREE SEO Quality Checklist

The Web Company offers expert Search Engine Optimisation for E-Commerce stores and all websites. We help our clients get their products noticed on the digital landscape. Contact us today to start optimising your website for Google!

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