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Four Tips on How to Drive Web Traffic From Facebook

We mentioned the change in Facebook algorithms and the reduced amount of traffic being driven from Facebook to other websites as a result. In short, Facebook now ranks the content produced by your friends and family, over content from businesses and other sites. Less organic exposure to a business's content logically results in less leads to that business’s website via that content.

But this isn’t to say that Facebook is no longer a good platform for marketing. Facebook still holds the the title for greatest number of active users with a staggering 2.06 Billion active users in 2017. That’s a huge lead in comparison to Youtube (2nd place) with their 1.5 Billion users.

To make the most of this platform you need to be aware of the best way to continue reaching your customers on facebook. If you can’t reach them, their traffic won’t be reaching you.

Here are four tips on how to continue driving traffic from Facebook to your website.


1. Encourage your customers to like your Facebook page

 Don’t be shy! Ask your customers to like your page. Try to use an incentive such as a special deal for those that like your Facebook page and click on a link etc. Sometimes a good old-fashioned ‘please’ works too.

One thing that hasn’t changed with the algorithm is people’s ability to see their favourite pages. Encourage your customers to not only like your page but to click ‘See First’ so that your content comes up on their news feed every time. 

2. Make more videos

Video content is still favoured by the new algorithm - quite possibly due to the fact that videos are incredibly popular.

  • According to a survey done by HubSpot, the average person watches about 1.5 hours of video content per day, with 15% of people watching upto 3 hours of content.
  • Consumers love to share videos - even brand videos - with 83% saying they would consider sharing a brand video with their friends.

If you’re keen to do a live video, Zuckerberg himself recommends it, saying a live video gets six times as much interaction as a regular video, vastly increasing your ranking capabilities. If you are after video marketing services, call us to see what we can do for you!

3. Create engaging content

 Just do it! Create great, engaging content! (Just kidding). It’s easier said than done, but we at The Web Company can help you out with that.

What is engaging content? It’s content that people comment on, that sparks discussion and breeds intrigue. A good way to start conversation on your posts is to ask questions, or base your posts on something topical. News outlets do a great job of this (partly because everything they post is topical) by asking questions on their Facebook posts that usually result in debate.

Keep your questions brief, and use the word ‘you’ to keep them relatable. Use questions that trigger curiosity or thought, and then you’ll be on your way to creating a discussion.

When friends and family members of a user comment on a post and have meaningful interaction with that post, the algorithm will see it as important and it will rank higher.

Remember to include links to your website with a call to action to help this engagement result in click-through.

4. No comment baiting

 Now that you know comments keep your you content’s rankings up, it can be tempting to start comment baiting.

Comment baiting is when you get people to comment by saying things like “comment if you love puppies”. This is not meaningful interaction and Facebook knows this. Anything considered comment-bait will be ranked lower on users’ news feeds so be careful.

Also, users find baiting irritating and there are things they can do to make sure they don’t see content from you ever again so try not to irritate the customers with comment-bait!

The above tactics allow your content to still show up on users’ news feeds, alongside their mum’s inspirational quotes and their cousin’s selfies. Being visible on facebook is key to driving traffic to your site, so make sure you’re still ranking to keep taking advantage of Facebook’s massive user base.

These tactics are also good practice for any social media site - ask them to follow you, offer them great visuals and content, and don’t drown them in comment-bait, clickbait or share-bait (nobody likes that guy).

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