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The facebook Shop: The New Face of Facebook E-commerce

Facebook: The champion of the world (after Google). I know you've heard of it, it's been in the news a lot lately. Facebook has a lot of influence, particularly marketing influence, due to being extremely well-known and due to their 2-billion-strong user base - And that’s just active users!

Up until this point in time Facebook’s part in the e-commerce-game has been driving traffic to websites through advertising or through Facebook posts about deals or products.

But that is no longer Facebook’s only e-commerce position. As you’re probably aware, you now also have the ability to sell products directly on Facebook so that consumers do not have to visit a third-party site to purchase those products.

If Facebook’s customer driving capabilities are so good when it comes to other sites (referral traffic to Amazon from Facebook in 2010 grew by 328%) then surely their attraction abilities within their own site are even better. I know I hate having to open new tabs on my customer journey. What about you?

So, how do we set this new Facebook e-commerce up? Is a Facebook store good for your business? How so?

Great questions, guys!


Setting up a Facebook Store


Easy peasy. There are a number of e-commerce platforms that will help you set up a Facebook store 

  • Magento
    • If you're keen to setup in Magento, you only have to install a plugin called "Facebook Store". Magento is very flexible due to the very large number of plugins you can install, giving you a lot of room to move when it comes to your e-commerce store.
  • Wordpress
    • Setting up a Facebook store in this platform are really similar to Magento, you just have to install a third party plugin, as word press also allows a large number of plugins.
  • Shopify
    • For Shopify, you just have to install the Facebook store extension.
  • Wix
    • Setting up Facebook E-commerce on Wix is quite similar to Shopify, you have to install third party app to set up your store.

It is a fairly simple process that can be made all the simpler when you hand the responsibility over to someone else… say… The Web Company!

We can help you collect all the information you need, and set up a nice tidy page for you that looks great and functions smoothly.

Is a Facebook Shop suitable for my business?

There has admittedly been some criticism around the abilities of the Facebook store, with some research saying these stores are more suitable for small businesses or niche products.

Some products also sell well on social sites because they are social products. For example, books, movies, event tickets, are all things that are hugely influenced by the ‘emotions’ of social media, making them great e-commerce successes - so if you fit in those categories of being either small, niche or inherently social, congrats!

If you do not, never fear, it is not all bad news. It is hard to judge the facebook store at this point in time because it is a relatively new feature. It is expected that the small businesses and the socially influenced products are going to benefit first.

Kevin Rainford of 8thBridge (a platform that utilises Facebook stores) said his company firmly believes social communities are the place to be, and he says it would be the wrong move to wait around and see if the stores will grow.

Waiting for other people to try something first while you stand poised at the sidelines, seems to be the trend with anything new:

Don't be that person. Get in first, then watch.

Will a Facebook Store BENEFIT my Business?

So why should you bother getting in? What is the benefit to you?

One of the critics of the store did admit that a number of areas do sell well on Facebook. This is because it is a great place to get your e-commerce foot in the door due to simple set-up and minimal costs.

Also, we cannot ignore that massive audience - that group of people right there at your fingertips in the biggest social media site in the world. Facebook carries a tonne of traffic and is a very successful driver of that traffic.

Utilising the Facebook Community is a fabulous way to grow your business, and it has been for a long time because it makes targeting your users’ interests so simple. So, we would be silly to overlook the massive amount of traffic potential and ease of targeting, particularly when we can bring our stores one step closer to this highly targeted audience.

Lastly, we should all be eager to test out new marketing methods because how else are you going to get ahead of the marketing pack? And on a cheap platform with a massive user-base, it’s hardly a risk.

So, what is Facebook e-commerce? It is both targeted marketing, and a great new opportunity to cut out the middleman by directing traffic straight to your Facebook store rather than another site.

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