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How to boost the E-commerce sale on easter 2018

 The Easter Bunny is on his way again! Special occasions are full of opportunities for your e-commerce site and online activity. Not only do holiday themes present creative marketing opportunities, but those who spend their days at work now have some free-time to spend their hard-earned cash online!

During Easter, many businesses will be forced to close their doors as the local Councils enforce a trading ban over Good Friday and Easter Sunday. While some businesses are exempt from this ban, many are not and will have to shut up shop over the weekend. "How does this help my online business?" you may ask.

While the real-life world shuts down over Easter, we in the e-commerce world need to be prepared for all the shoppers that will be eager to scratch their shopping itch with some online deals! 



How to Optimise Your Site for Easter

When the consumers head online you’ll want to be ready with some tactics that will help direct online traffic to your business.

The famous Easter egg hunt:

Many media platforms utilise ‘Easter eggs’, which are hidden pieces - not just literal eggs, but information, images or references - that are put in plain sight for users to find. For example, Disney is famous for hiding references to other films of theirs by slyly incorporating characters or items from those films into the background.

Creatively hiding little tidbits for users to find encourages them to explore and engage with your site, in the hopes of uncovering more digital Easter eggs.

A simpler ‘Easter egg’ option is to hide small images of literal Easter eggs within other images on your site and offer prizes to lucky customers that manage to spot the hidden eggs.

Create an Easter focused landing page:

This page can hold a variety of products, so don’t feel limited by the easter theme.

  • Have a selection of basket stuffers, which can be any semi-small item.
  • Be witty: “What the Easter Bunny really wants to deliver is a dining set - Shame about it’s basket”.
  • Use better witticisms than the example above.
  • Or just take this opportunity to showcase some fantastic deals for the Easter holiday.

Put whatever you want on this page! No matter the service or the product, a creative firm can easily apply it to Easter, just ask us how. There’s no need for bunny ears and chocolate! 

Don’t forget the details:

Easter egg hunts and landing pages are great, but they’re no use to you if your customers aren’t able to find them. You need to update your emails, ads, and optimisation to fit in with your Easter Marketing. Emails can have a follow up a link to your easter landing page, competition or deals. Your ads need to be representative of your holiday offers and your Easter landing pages need to be optimised so that searches for Easter deals result in your business getting selected.

Don’t forget the important details that direct customers to your website and your fantastic Easter deals.

While the Easter ban is difficult for the businesses down the street, the holiday commercial rush can still be swept up and taken advantage of through e-commerce. You just need to know how, and we can help you out with that!

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