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Why Nobody Likes Your Business's Facebook Posts

Known as an effective and inexpensive medium to reach customers in a personable way, Social Media is undeniably important for all businesses in 2018. With the ability to find, grow and nurture relationships with people and your brand, these channels have the potential to transform your company.

Last year Facebook claimed that over 2.9 million Kiwis had an active account on the platform. That’s 61% of New Zealand's population using the service; browsing, interacting and searching for information - a huge market for all businesses to work with.

But it’s not always easy. Not every business can boast a seamless social media experience due to a variety of issues. Whether it’s the nature of your business, your own approach to the web or your customers’ reception of your online profiles, some businesses have struggled to use Facebook in a meaningful way.

If you have a business Facebook page that isn’t getting the results you expected, the first step to improving your experience is to assess what you’re currently doing. Understanding what you’re doing wrong on Facebook will help you successfully craft a plan of attack moving forward.

The Potential Reasons Why People Aren’t Liking Your Facebook Posts

You Only Ever Share Sales-Focused Content

Constantly bombarding your Facebook feed with sales-y content isn’t going to do you any favours. Social media is meant to be just that, social. It isn’t a place where you should push your products or services onto people as much as you can. Only ever posting promotions will end up falling on deaf ears and negatively impacting your success on the platform.

While people like using social media to find things that fulfill their needs as a consumer, they don’t like being sold to. Social media should be a place where you engage with your customers and humanise your brand, not push people away by acting like every other business on the planet.

You Haven’t Honed Your Target Audience

Social media success requires an understanding of your audience and how they navigate the digital world. Think about what kind of information, stories or advice interests your niche and how you can use it to your advantage.

Your target audience will also be key if you decide to delve into Facebook advertising.

You Aren’t Offering Value

If you want people to like your page and interact with your content, you need to make sure your value proposition is crystal clear. What are people going to see with your business on their newsfeed? Do you offer interesting information? Will you give them special deals? Advice on your niche?

A person’s interactions with a business on Facebook is different from their relationship with other people on the platform. With businesses, you need to consistently offer value or risk falling off their social radar. Make the effort to understand your audience, what they like to see and the things that trigger their engagement. Following this, implement these aspects into almost everything you share.

Your Creatives are Lacklustre

Nowadays, people are accustomed to seeing exciting graphics on the web. Anything less is unlikely to garner much attention. If you’re posting substandard images or videos that look like they’ve been filmed on a potato, users aren’t going to like it.

Investing in high-quality creatives to convey your business’s message is worth it on social media. Take the time to plan and execute content that’s worthy of interaction.

How to Get People Interested in What You’re Sharing on Social Media


If authentic and meaningful engagement on social media remains elusive to your business, you need to reassess your strategy. Taking into account what puts users off, you can make the move towards a powerful Facebook presence. These tips will help get your audience interested in what you’re posting:

  • Ask Questions! Invite your audience to share their opinions on current events that are happening in your industry.

  • Provide value. Entice users to engage with your content through incentives and competitions.

  • Share offers that are unique to your social media audience.

  • Pay for Facebook advertising to reach a new potential customer base that’s interested in your niche.

  • Step-up your relatability. Utilise pop culture to appeal to more users and to humanise your brand. What you share doesn’t always have to be about making money.


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